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Ship and let ship

I wasn’t gonna meddle in the ongoinbg ship wars about The Closer, but I just can’t shut up…

I don’t get it. Really, what is the big problem??

I’ve been watching The Closer from the very beginning. I am a fan, I have all the seasons on DVD and have seen them more than once. I didn’t really ship anyone on this show, but I had fun seeing what other shippers came up with. And I respect all pairings.

Then along came Sharon Raydor. I am a huge Mary McDonnell fangirl, so it was an awesome bonus for me to have her on a show I already loved. And I started shipping her with Pope. Seemed the obvious choice. Now I also ship her with Andy Flynn, and yes, with Brenda - mostly with Brenda :-)

Now, my question to all you canon-followers. Why is shipping non-canon pairings such a big threat to you? We are not hurting anybody and none of our shipping will ever change what you see on screen - nothing will ever ruin your canon ship. So why not just let us have our ships? We KNOW it will never be canon, we KNOW Brenda and Fritz are solid, but what does it hurt stretching your imagination and play with the idea of other pairings.

How about I don’t hate on your parings and you don’t hate on mine?

  1. weatherthestormtogether answered: The immaturity, mocking/hate of the show and its characters bothers me. All that hate for Fritz and B/F is the problem. That’s how it started
  2. gracillius answered: I don’t really understand why people have to have ship wars… I try to stay out of the hostilities, personally. (I’m a Brenda/Sharon <3er)
  3. majorcrimesmem answered: Amen!
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